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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It all started when my eldest developed eczema at 6 months old. I never really cared much about what I put on my own skin, but when recommendations from the pediatrician didn’t help (or in some cases made it WORSE) I began to look at the ingredient’s of these self proclaimed “safe” products and it turned dark quick. When I had my second, I knew I had to try this Breastmilk Lotion I had heard so much about. Then it actually HELPED soothe my child‘s eczema! This was the first product sold because I knew had to try to share with others. Then I took a deeper dive into the ingredient’s of Vaseline (which I was told at one point to ONLY use). Vaseline’s main ingredient is Petroleum Jelly, and it’s riddled with carcinogens! Specifically, a group called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which could cause cancer and damage the reproductive organs ☠️ I immediately made an All Natural Vaseline Alternative and began to see even more of a difference with my son’s skin condition! What else could I make an all natural replacement for? Que in The Queen! 👑 The Queen Whipped Body Butter that is. I had NEVER used body butter before so I had no idea how moisturizing Unrefined African Shea Butter was! It was love at first touch. 🥰 It also reminded me of how much I missed spoiling myself!

As a mom of (at that time) two boys under two, getting alone time and FEELING GOOD about myself was something that didn’t happen often enough. Using a product that made my skin feel amazing AND I could feel good using? That’s getting too rare to find nowadays if you ask me. Which led to my Whipped Rose Clay Sugar Scrub recipe! I wanted to do an all natural sugar scrub with a twist without using mica powder. Until I find one I can verify is natural and ethically sourced (since 60% comes from child labor), all our products are Mica Powder Free so French Rose Clay added a splash of color and a natural detox for the skin. We have many more products to offer like our Alcohol Free Floral Goddess Perfume and Coconut Sugar Face & Body Scrub, but these four were the founding products. We now also offer Kid Safe (KS) Scents! (KS Lavender Dreams is Baby Safe!) Learn more about our scents here. If you’re ready to ditch the toxic chemicals, GMOs, and synthetic ingredients for all natural beauty at a reasonable price, check out our Shop today! Be sure to subscribe and never miss new scents or products and get exclusive saving! 💰 Want a product we don’t have? Need to make a product Vegan Friendly or switch an oil to perfectly compliment your skin type? Need help finding the combination that’s right for your skin type? Want to sell our products and get wholesale deals? Contact Us anytime with any questions, concerns, or requests!

I am not a licensed physician and am in no way telling you to reject medical advice from your doctor. I am simply a mom sharing the natural products I’ve handcrafted that have worked for me and my family that we love to use!

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